Ch. Tamaron’s Déjà Vu
Ch. Tamaron’s Inherit The Wind x Ch. Kaiteka Tamaron Brnz Sculptor

Deja is a beautiful sable, feminine, compact bitch that has stolen everyone’s heart!! She finished in 4 days with 3 BW and a BB over 4 Specials. Deja has a lovely, correct eye, very full muzzle and underjaw, full dentition and natural ears. She has a full white collar, a HUGE coat and LOVES the show ring!!! The day she finished her championship she was jumping up and grabbing my skirt on the down and back. It’s a good thing Mr. Charlie Francis is very tolerant of sassy puppies!!! It was he who gave her BB over the 4 Specials from the Junior Puppy class. Deja’s attitude is very typical of the Tamaron collies and is a trait that I cherish. She loves people and other dogs and wants people to notice her. However she certainly learned quickly when to be serious in the ring!
Deja was only bred once but what a breeding it was! She was bred to Am/Can NBOV, BIS Ch. Tamaron The Real Deal (Kennedy). Out of the 6 puppies, 4 smooths and 2 roughs, 4 became champions very quickly with multiple BB wins over Specials. One smooth daughter Dazzle, (Ch. Tamaron’s’ Kentucky Rain) is a Best Puppy In Show winner and in 2010 won the open sable class at the CCA in California!
Deja is now retired and living the good life with Gord Tickell in Mission, BC.

Reg’d Name: Can Ch. Tamaron’s Deja Vu
Color/Type Tri-factored Sable & White, Rough
Sex  Female
Sire Can Ch. Tamaron’s Inherit The Wind (Flint)
Dam Can Ch. Kaiteka Tamaron Brnz Sculptor
DOB August 23, 2002
Reg #MQ832526

Ch. Tamaron’s Oops I Did It Again
Ch. Tamaron’s Dreams R Made of This x Ch. Tamaron’s Restless Mind
Moxie is a gorgeous sable merle with a full white collar and a HUGE coat! She is out of the first litter for her dad and the 3rd and final litter for her mom. Moxie is an extremely outgoing and personable dog. She loves everyone and everything and is the first to jump in your face to get attention! She has small blue flecks in her eyes and they are a beautiful size and shape. Moxie has a very full rounded muzzle and a full underjaw along with a perfect scissors bite and full dentition. She has beautiful, naturally tipped ears that are set high up on her head. Moxie is very balanced with a great shoulder layback and long upper arm, enabling her to reach to the end of her nose. Her rear is moderately angled giving her the drive needed for a herding dog. Her neck is well set, blending smoothly into her shoulders.
Moxie debuted in Calgary at the AKC shows and the ASSCA Specialty in February, 2002. There she picked up 5 points by going WB every day and also WB at the Specialty. Moxie finished her championship in style by taking BW every day in Camrose and also a Best of Breed the last day and a Best Puppy in Group the first day. She finished her championship at just under 11 months of age in 2 week-ends.
Moxie was only ever bred once but her grandson Noah (Ch. Tamaron’s On Edge) was WD at the Canadian National his first time in the ring!

Reg’d Name: Can Ch. Tamaron’s Oops I Did It Again
Color/Type Sable Merle, Rough
Sex Female
Sire Can Ch. Tamaron Dreams R Made of This (Cost)
Dam Can Ch. Tamaron’s Restless Mind (Madison)
DOB May 1, 2001
Reg #LJ750244

Ch. Tamaron’s Inherit The Wind
Am/Can Ch. Afterhours Colors of the Wind x Can Ch. Tamaron’s’ Picture This

Flint was a beautiful blue merle who loved to strut his stuff in the show ring. He had a beautifully balanced body, tight, natural ears, correctly shaped and size of eye (they had blue flecks), and perfect and full dentition. He had a full underjaw, smooth rounded muzzle and melting expression. Flint’s head was a little shorter than I liked but his sideskulls were very clean and he had no depth. Flint had the most wonderful length and arch of neck that he really showed off in the ring. He was very well balanced and really had reach and drive when he moved. He was a joy to watch.
By the beginning of June, 2001, Flint had 12 Best of Breeds, 6 group placements ( 1 second, 4 thirds, 1 fourth), 7 Puppy Groups, and 1 Best Puppy in Show. At the Red Deer shows held at the beginning of April, 2001 Flint debuted in the Junior Puppy class at the age of 7 months. He was RWD the first day and then the next day he was WD, BW, BB and BPIB over 4 Specials under judge Judy Hunt of Calgary. He also made the cut in a large herding group.

At his second show in Saskatoon in May, 2001 Flint was again Best of Breed from the JP class, over Specials for 3 points. He then was awarded a group 4th for an extra point and a Puppy Group under judge Terry Carter. On Sunday he was again Best of Breed from the JP class over 4 Specials for 4 points and then was given a group 3 and another Puppy Group for a total of 5 points to finish his championship in style at 7 months!!! The judge that day was Heather Logan. A couple of weeks later, Flint was in his first show as a Special where he took all 6 Best of Breeds, a group 2, 3 group 3’s and 4 Puppy Groups. A week after that Flint was in a show in Edmonton where he again took all 3 Best of Breeds and a Best Puppy in Show under judge Doreen Marsh All this and just 9 months and 1 week old! What a great way to debut!
Flint went on to win more in the show ring and he sired some beautiful puppies before he left us in December of 2007.

Reg’d Name: Can Ch. Tamaron’s Inherit The Wind
Color/Type Blue Merle, Rough
Sex Male
Sire Am/Can Ch. Afterhours Colour of the Wind (Ricky)
Dam Can Ch. Tamaron’s Picture This (Anya)
DOB August 27, 2000
Reg #KQ690569

Vegas was my heart dog…he was everything I wanted in a collie. Not only was he beautiful and smart, he was gentle, loyal, loving and would do anything for me. I trusted him and he trusted me. He was a very successful show dog but much more than that, he was my companion and my hear and soul.
Vegas’ official title was
On October 3,4 and 5th, 1997 Vegas and I flew out to Cloverdale, BC for the first Alle Rasse Gruppe International All Breed Canine Association of America Show to be held in Western Canada. In order to be awarded an International Championship, the dog must achieve three “V” ratings. They can be V-1, 2, 3 or 4 with V-1 being better than V-4 but all being “Excellent”. Vegas was given three V-1 ratings under three different judges which qualify him for his title. He was also awarded a Group 3rd one day.

The next week-end Vegas flew out to New Brunswick to the CCC National Specialty where, under the expert guidance of Tom Coen, he WON THE NATIONAL. That year’s judge was Pam Durazzano of the famous Starr Collies. Special thanks to everyone across Canada, the US and New Zealand for their kind words of congratulations. What a thrill it was to win the National! It is every breeder’s dream and ultimate goal to accomplish that. The year before (1996) Vegas was awarded BOS at the National under very highly respected judge Dorothy Welsh.
Vegas was a tri-factored sable merle that stood 25 inches at the shoulder. He was a beautiful mahogany sable color that got darker as he aged. He had a full white collar and had white extending up his front legs into his chest. He had a full round muzzle and a beautifully chiseled foreface that correctly formed a receptacle for the eyes. He had 2 dark brown eyes that were almond shaped and set obliquely in his skull. Vegas had a wonderful shoulder layback with equal angulation in the rear to give him the correct floating gait, single tracking front and rear. He had the softest sweetest expression I have ever seen in a collie. It is truly “angelic” but in no way is it feminine. He also had lots of bone and very small, tight feet.
Vegas finished his championship undefeated his first week-end out at 7 months with a Specialty WD and BOS over 6 male Specials for 4 points. He was WD the first day and BW the last to finish his CH. The next time he was shown he was 9 months old, out as a Special for the first time. He won the breed and went on to a GROUP 1st and PUPPY GROUP. By the time he was 10 months old he had captured 2 Group 1st’s, 3 Group 2nd’s, 4 Group 4th’s and 7 Puppy Groups.
Vegas left us in April of 2008. He is missed every day and I see him when I look into the faces of the Tamaron Collies.

Reg’d Name: Int’l, Can, NBIS Champion Tamaron’s State of Confusion
Color/Type Sable merle & White, Rough
Sex Male
Sire Am/CanCh. Gambit’s Restless State
Dam CanCh. Tamaron’s State of Mind (Stacey)
DOB June 27, 1995
Reg #EL306372

Even though I got my first collies in 1987, the Tamaron story really got going with a little reddish sable bitch named Chelsea (Ch. Tamaron's Poetry in Motion), born in October of 1990. She was the granddaughter of my very first collie. I bred her mom to a young male, Am/Can Ch. Pinewynd's Rocky Mtn Cinder who won the Canadian National while my bitch was pregnant with his puppies. Six pups resulted, three of which became champions. One of these, BISS Ch. Tamaron's Rocky Mtn High, HIC (Tyrone) was our first Specialty winner (from the Bred By Exhibitor classes) but his little sister is the one who really made an impact here at Tamaron with one breeding. Chelsea, Ch. Tamaron's Poetry in Motion, when bred to Ch. Tallywood Head of State, produced our incredible Ch. Tamaron's State of Mind (Stacey). Stacey finished her championship undefeated in 2 weekends. She was so beautiful...the search for the right male for her was on!

Stacey's first breeding was to the gorgeous Am/Can Ch. Gambit's Restless State. Out of the 5 puppies, 4 became champions. One male, NBIS, Int'l, Can Ch. Tamaron's State of Confusion (Vegas) became our first National BIS winner, and our first group winner. Another male Ch. Tamaron's Riot Act (Jackson) sired the 1997 National Winners Dog. One daughter Ch. Tamaron's Restless Mind (Madison) is a Specialty Best of Winners who contributed greatly to building the Tamaron line through her daughter Moxie (Ch. Tamaron's Oops I Did It Again).

Stacey's second breeding was an outcross to Am Ch. Highcroft Oak Knoll Triton. Six pups resulted from this breeding with 4 finishing their championships very quickly. Her third breeding was to the dog we bought Ch. Highcroft Tamaron's Contender (Rocky) who sired over 20 champions for us and other breeders. There were 4 puppies, two of which went on to do great things for us and others. One was Ch. Tamaron's Picture This (Anya) who was # 5 Rough collie during her puppy year. She was also our first Best Puppy In Show winner. Anya was bred once to Am Ch. Afterhours Colors of the Wind and produced the beautiful blue male, Ch.Tamaron's Inherit the Wind (Flint) who was a big influence here at Tamaron and was our second Best Puppy in Show winner and # 4 Rough Collie in Canada during his puppy year. Anya then went to the Philippines to live and contribute to the collie gene pool there. The other one was Australian, Canadian Ch. Tamaron's Aranbrae Tradition (Trad) who finished here with group placements out of the classes. He was exported to Australia where he sired beautiful puppies and became an Australian Ch. in record time. Trad won numerous BB's at some of the largest shows in Perth.

When Flint was bred to our sable Bronze Talisman daughter Cajun (bought from Barry Hastings, Kaiteka Collies) they produced Deja (Ch. Tamaron's Deja Vu) who became our 50th homebred Champion and the beginning of the next big step forward in the Tamaron line. Deja was only bred once to our smooth Am/Can Ch. Tamaron The Real Deal - the resulting puppies became the next Best Puppy in Show winners and American National Specialty winners.

Cajun (Ch. Kaiteka Tamaron Brnz Sculptor) was bred to Ch. Alfenloch Artpiece Cornerstone and produced a little tri bitch named Kiana (Ch. Tamaron Alfenloch Intersection). She was later bred to the beautiful blue NBISS, Am/Can Ch. Cassori's Echoes of A Legend (Buddy) who I had the pleasure of campaigning in Canada. A blue bitch from this breeding was Celine (Ch. Tamaron's Butterfly Kisses) who was later bred to her uncle Am/Can Ch. Cassori's Moonshadow, Buddy's brother. Out of this came 2 boys, a blue and a tri. The tri was Ch. Tamaron's Haute Couture (Giorgio) who was a group winner as a puppy and also a Best Puppy in Show winner. The blue boy Elijah (Ch. Tamaron Cassori Stir of Echoes) went to live at Cassori Collies. Although he doesn't like to show, Elijah was BW at our Canadian National and finished with another Specialty WD.

When we purchased Rocky (Ch. Highcroft Tamaron's Contender) as a 4 month old pup, we had no idea what he would do for our line. His own claim to fame is that he is the youngest collie in the history of our National to go Best of Winners. It was the 1996 National under judge Dorothy Welsh and he was 6 months and 13 days old! The Rocky/Stacey daughter Anya carried his line through to greatly influence our direction.

Madison, when bred to her half brother the Stacey/Rocky son Cost (Ch. Tamaron's Dreams R Made of This) produced Moxie (Ch. Tamaron's Oops I Did It Again) who was a Specialty WB and produced Celsius (Ch. Tamaron's Temperature's Risin'). When Celsius was bred to Ch. Blossom Hill Cutting Edge (Edge) they produced the 2007 Canadian National Smooth Winners Dog, Ch. Tamaron's On Edge (Noah).

Our biggest step forward came in August of 2005 when after searching for the smooth line of collies I wanted to get into, I traveled to California to the home of the incredible Blossom Hill Collies and the home of Mary and Paul Wells. I came home with a 9 week old sable merle male smooth puppy I named Edge and Tamaron Collies was never the same! The next year I returned to Blossom Hill and brought home a sable rough puppy girl I called Jasmine who had the same father as Edge and whose moms were littermate sisters. Jasmine quickly became Ch. Blossom Hill Tamaron's Promise. I always knew that some day I would breed a son of Edge to Jasmine. But first, in 2006 I leased the beautiful blue bitch Am/Can Cassori's Touch The Heart (Contessa) and bred her to Edge. This litter contained the incredible Am/Can Ch. Tamaron The Real Deal (Kennedy), Ch. Tamaron's Caught in the Act (Blush), Ch. Tamaron's Out All Night (Flirt) and Ch. Tamaron's Heartfelt (Fallon) and Tamaron Collies took a huge step forward! Kennedy won his first National BOV at the age of 11 months and has not looked back since! You can read about Kennedy and this next generations of dogs and their accomplishments in their profiles under the "Present" heading.
Read below for some of the great Tamaron Collies of our past!