This questionnaire serves the purpose of helping us become better acquainted with the people inquiring about our Collies. It serves to present us with a more complete picture of what you are looking for in a dog and to help us match you, as a potential buyer, with a dog that will ultimately turn out to be what you are looking for. This questionnaire in no way constitutes a contract on our part that there will be an collie puppy available for you, nor do your responses serve as the sole determinant of whether or not a collie puppy will be offered. 
Also there are no right or wrong answers!

Although we will always keep in mind the color preference of our puppy buyers we DO NOT place our pups in homes based solely on color choice.   Puppies are placed based on a wide variety of things including temperament and suitability.  If you are interested in a puppy from an upcoming litter we recommend you complete our questionnaire and speak with us (via phone, e-mail or in person) after that.  When we have a litter planned we will notify you and we will request a deposit from people interested in a pup.  A deposit ensures ONLY that you will be considered as a prospective home and we reserve the right to choose not to place a puppy in a prospective home at any time or for any reason.  Our first consideration is the safety and well-being of our puppies, from the day they are conceived until the day (hopefully long in the future) when they pass on.

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We have a very exciting litter planned for summer of 2020!
If the borders are open for Canada/US travel we will also be breeding Ch. Tamaron's Calamity Jane (CJ) who is a littermate to Tamaron's Annie Oakley (dam of litter pictured below) to Kasen! There will be both rough and smooth in this litter. Colors will be tri factored sables and tris.

Check back for updates!

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We have rough puppies! On February 28 we were incredibly blessed with five boys and one girl, all sable merles!

Dad is GCHB Ch Southland Aurealis Island Nights, known by all who know and love him as Kasen. Kasen is a Southland's Bowen Island son and an Aurealis Endeavour grandson- this pedigree is amazing! 
Mom is Tamaronís Annie Oakley, known affectionately as Annie.   Annie is two points shy of her championship but we could not pass up this opportunity to breed her to Kasen so she will be out looking for those last two points in the fall.  Back in her pedigree on her mom side she also goes back to Southlandís Bowen Island.   She has many, many generations of our Tamaron breeding on her momís side and includes legends from the Blossom Hill collies and Fantasy.

Inquiries welcome and promptly answered although a number of these puppies will be staying here at Tamaron!
C l i c k   b e l o w   f o r   l a r g e r   v e r s i o n.